Queen Lili'uokalani was Hawai'i's last reigning monarch who was illegally overthrown in 1893. This piece was made in her honor and represents the steadfast and brave resistance to U.S. takeover by the Hawaiian people. Her image is laser-cut from chipboard with a pattern made from signatures showing through. The signatures were hand-traced from the Kū'e Anti-annexation petitions, which represent the vast majority of the Native Hawaiian population at the time. These petitions were hand delivered to Washington DC in 1898 and effectively stopped the annexation bill from passing through congress. (Hawai'i was never legally annexed by the U.S. and has never relinquished it's sovereignty). 'Onipa'a means to remain steadfast. The back of stencil features a quote from Queen Lili'uokalani,

"Now my people, hear these words of mine that I say to you in our dark hour, Hold yourselves up high and be proud. For each and every one of you has much to be proud of, in yourselves and in your people. Hold fast to that pride and love you have for your heritage and your country. Yes, your country! For your nation-- 'Onipa'a. Stand firm!"

Directions (if to be used for stenciling): Place stencil against a flat surface. Hold can approximately six inches away and sue several quick sprays to get a thin coat. Use in a well ventilated area, perhaps where others might find it as an encouraging reminder to stand firm in what is right. Should stand up to several uses.

Stencil was laser-cut from from .22 chipboard. Background pattern was letterpress printed on French "Construction" paper.

Open edition \\ 2012 \\ 12 x 12 inches \\ for purchase please visit my etsy store